Born Again Concerts proudly presents

The Night Flight Orchestra

Fri March 6 @ 7:00 PM
Islington Assembly Hall
Ages 16 and Up
The Aeromantic Experience
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 So, you thought you knew what The Night Flight Orchestra was all about? You were sure that they were all about good times, boogie woogie, radio friendly AOR? Damn, you were wrong. The one thing that has kept those aging Swedish hearts beating for so long is DRAMA! Internal conflicts, external conflicts, rumours and exaggerations.
On February 28th, The Night Flight Orchestra will release their new album,

”Aeromantic”. It is a street opera based upon shattered dreams, broken illusions, and the fact that we are all something much less than the person we were supposed to be. But in the darkness there’s a always a glimmer of hope. And from that glimmer of hope, with the right mindset, you can sculpt and create a whole lot of Swedish classic rock melodrama.

 The Night Flight Orchestra is releasing the first single and video from the upcoming album, on Jan 3rd, entitled ”Divinyls. ”Divinyls” is about doing the impossible and pushing your inner dreams to the forefront of your psyche and being in total control of your own future. The video shows two young figure skaters, battling pressure from their demanding coaches, but biting the bullet while they pursue their dreams. You could say the story has hints of the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan drama, with the exception that these two young aspiring ladies, become friends in the end. 
Once again, The Night Flight Orchestra would like to remind you that this is only the beginning…
The Night Flight Orchestra