Born Again Concerts proudly presents

Camilla Sparksss

Fri November 25 @ 7:00 PM
Boston Music Room
Ages 14 and Up
Under 18s with an adult
Plus Special Guests
Additional Info
Swiss-Canadian electro punk/dance artist Camilla Sparksss announces her 2022 dates, after having played in the Netherlands few days ago alongside DJ Shadow at Maassilo Rotterdam. She's best known for her captivating live performance that combines a unique technique of mixing dub plate (vinyls), synthesisers and cutting vocals. At the moment Camilla Sparksss is touring three different live formats: an electronic pop performance of her first two albums “For You The Wild” (2014) and "Brutal" (2019) suitable for venues, clubs and festivals. An a/v live performance of the upcoming “Camilla Sparksss Lullabies” (2023) album that integrates animated vinyl visuals suitable for theatres, cinemas and special events. And an improvised set with dedicated sounds inherent to performance locations, this is an onsite performance prepared on demand for specific festivals and special events.
Camilla Sparksss