About Us

About Us

Our Cincinnati roots are a proud part of our history and a signature element of everything we create.  Entertainment is a fundamental part of what we provide, to go alongside our elevated customer service experience.

We strive to accomplish our mission everyday our doors are open.  We do this through our core beliefs that have been apart of our strategy and operating philosophy since day one:

  • Develop and create extraordinary experiences.
  • Provide consistent and outstanding guest service.
  • Help to build and sustain the community in which we live and work.
  • Be respectful and responsible in everything we do.


We love Cincinnati, and take the best, most innovative ideas of our hometown wherever we go.  With a core belief that entertainment is more than fun, it is a fundamental need. We have developed and created immersive experience that redefine conventional notions, and realign what people think about the hospitality and entertainment business.


We create event spaces that allow our guests to live, breath, and really feel the experience through vintage architecture, modern design, unique sounds, and delightful tastes, that culminate into inviting spaces that bring people together.  While Top Cats is inspired to the then and now of Cincinnati, we strive to ensure that our venue honors and reflects the most special elements of the surrounding communities.


Top Cats aims to reflect, sustain, and build on the best of community; its businesses, neighborhoods, and institutions.  We invest heavily in our fellow Short Vine businesses and help in any community project we can find.


Hours (4pm – 2am) Weekend hours (11am- 2am)