Born Again Concerts proudly presents
Thu May 30 @ 7:00 PM
Ages 14 and Up
+ Ghosts of Atlantis
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Pagan folk metal titans ARKONA embark on their much-anticipated return to UK shores, showcasing their latest masterpiece, 'Kob'.' After a five-year hiatus, ARKONA plunges into profound pagan realms, presenting an album that reflects on humanity's future while staying true to their roots. 'Kob',' their ninth studio album, offers a blend of dark melodies, potent pagan metal, and shades of black metal nuance, all underpinned by Masha's powerful vocals. From the trance-inducing opener to the apocalyptic finale, ARKONA invites you on a journey through human despair, societal challenges, and environmental contemplations. Join ARKONA as they bring the deep, dark realms of 'Kob'' to life on stage and reaffirm their status as leaders of the pagan metal genre.

Support comes from Ipswich symphonic metal quintet GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS.

Ghosts Of Atlantis